Thursday, April 29, 2004

Game 21

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 7, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 3

Another inspiring effort I'm told; it certainly repudiates (for the night, anyway) any comments I made about the Sox offense. Hell, even Manny got hits. I missed the whole thing, as I was auditioning to be a rock star when the game started. I guess the only other thing of note is that the scoreless streak didn't last the first inning of the second game. But why complain? Why, indeed... Well, ta for now.

Oh, right...before I forget: THE YANKEES STILL SUCK!

Game 20

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 0

Red Sox pitching has now gone 32 scoreless innings which, ironically enough, is how long it's been since Derek Jeter got a hit. The Sox defense seemed to be having one of those days where they were half in the game; witness the multiple errors (and generally bad day until his last at bat) by Brian "Abe Lincoln" Daubach (man, it's great that guy is back - he's as much a part of the mystique at this point as Lou Merloni). David Ortiz did his beautiful, beautiful homerun hitting thing, Byung-Hyun Kim pitched an awesome five innings and the bullpen...well, the bullpen is now impossible to dislike. It worries me a bit that Manny didn't hit at all, but like I said earlier, as long as they continue to win, it doesn't matter how little the Sox hit.

That's all for the moment - I might get a chance to check out game two of the double-header tonight, but I'll comment on that tomorrow regardless. Off for now and remember as always, YANKEES SUCK!

To begin...after game 19

The idea for this journal has been kicking around in my head for a week or so, but this is the first time I've thought of it while sitting in front of a computer, so...

I've decided to record the trials and tribulations of a Red Sox fan in this, the 2004 season hunt for the world series ring. As any Sox fan will attest, being a fan of Boston's baseball team is an exercise in extreme optimism and extreme pessimism and I expect that like any year, even though I hope for the best at all times, come August I'll be in a nervous state from the ups and downs of the season. Maybe not...maybe this year it'll be smooth sailing all the way to the top (see, there's the optimism coming through already).

I'll do my best to listen to/watch as many games as possible (what's the point, otherwise?), but admittedly, the combination of living in NYC and that annoying habit of the MLB running ballgames at night when I'm frequently otherwise engaged can be limiting. Enough excuses though, let's get down to it.

Even though it is only April, things seem to going pretty well for the Sox, especially in light of last season's end-of-the-year debacle (and the crowd chants, "A thousand curses upon Grady Little and his lack of backbone!"). Schilling is proving to be everything we've expected him to be, Pedro is picking up, the rest of the rotation is doing well, the bullpen is like unto a combined God...sure, they aren't hitting as much this time around (yet), but that's with injuries to key players. And heck, it doesn't matter if they're hitting or not, cuz dammit, they're winning. Top of the AL East, 2 games ahead of the Orioles, one of the best records in baseball...oh and they've taken 6 out of 7 games from the Yankees. Ah revenge, a dish best served cold.

I didn't watch the game last night; I was off for a night of great amusement in the left field at Yankees Stadium with my friend Micah to watch Jeter fail, once again, to break out of that miserable slump. Yes, the Yankees won, but I don't like Oakland I was happy pretty much whatever happened. Also, George Steinbrenner is a fascist for not letting me bring my bag into the Stadium.

Two more notes before I close this off (there is a game today and I will be back later to talk about it): first, I must say I'm psyched that the AL seems more balanced this year - I'm happy that teams like Baltimore and Detroit don't seem to be relegated to auto-loss status anymore. I love the teams in the Central Division (except the White Sox and the Indians); they're like glorious perpetual underdogs to me. I wish them all sorts of good...except against the Red Sox, of course. Second, after that little bit of idiocy on FOX the night of the friday game during the first Yankees/Sox game a few weeks ago, I'm never buying GMC. Great move, guys...let's show the Aaron Boone homerun, the Bucky Dent homerun and the Destruction of Pedro in three different spots and call them Great Moments in Baseball or something stupid like that. Whoever was responsible for that travesty should fired, tied up and left in Kenmore Square with a bag over their head and a sign on their chest after a game lets out. For good measure, they should tie up Joe Buck and Tim McCarver and leave them out there too, so we'd never have to hear their wretched, wretched commentary ever again.

Ok, that's all for the moment...I'll be back at some point after the 1:05 game is over to give my thoughts. Until later and always remember...YANKEES SUCK!