Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Game 133: Don’t Get Any Ideas

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 3, New York Yankees 4

Now before anyone starts jumping off bridges or “waiting till next year” or burning J.D. Drew jerseys (oh too late?) let’s put this whole thing into perspective. The Yankees are still 6 games back. Even if they win tomorrow and sweep the series they are still 5 games back. That’s a lot of breathing room. There is no reason to go all Owen Wilson just yet.

Yes these games are high tension and they have a slight scent of the playoffs… remember that they’re not. The Yankees are a dangerous team because of a scary potent offence and the front of their rotation. Once you get to the 4/5 starters… they are garbage or unproven at best!

Look, I can’t say that I’m happy Beckett pitched as bad as he did (and was still super lucky) and Clemens cherry picked his way through a free swinging Sox lineup… but it’s not the end of the world… or even the season.

Anyway, if you WANT to freak out about something, focus on Manny’s strained oblique that might keep him out 10 games. Yeah it’s the stretch run and we are short our cleanup hitter. And with Bobby Kielty having back problems, it’s up to Eric Hinske to hold down the fort. So much for run production.

So remember… 5 game lead no matter what happens with the Yankees. Then it’s a bunch against Baltimore, Tampa Bay and other dregs of the AL. Calm down… take deep breaths.