Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Game 151: Dismal Drunken Disaster

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 1, Toronto Blue Jays 6

Yeah yeah yeah… I’m drinking again.

The Sox fled to Toronto like an abused wife hides from her husband. Sometimes you need to leave the country.

We couldn’t hide from our troubles. Wakefield ran headlong into a new adversary. Now beaten and bruised… Wake will no doubt be getting little sleep tonight what with that constant and brutal Frank Thomas rape dream. You know the one where he comes back for more 3 times! What’s that about?

Ellsbury and Lowell continue their hot streak but they seem alone in this endeavor. The unkempt locks of Dustin “Don’t call me Rose” McGowan shown for 9 innings. That’s right, 9 innings of shutdown for our struggling Beantown team.

To top this crap sundae with some undigested corn, the Yankees (playing the ALWAYS AWFUL Orioles) won and shrunk our lead to a flaccid 3.5 games. Our magic number is holding steady at 9 and suddenly doesn’t look so “magic” anymore. I want another drink but I don’t think they’ll serve me.