Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Game 16: Vomit Inducing Hideousness AKA Another Series in New York

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 9, New York Yankees 15

There is ugly, butt-ugly, fugly, SUPER fugly and then there is this game.

But wait, are we doing this again already? This weird home/away schedule means that the Sox play the Yanks 5 times in 7 games. It’s almost enough to wear down the hype a bit. I guess the biggest problem I have is the fact that Buchholz gets stuck going up against Wang again. Kind of unfair that the rookie has to take on the Yankees ace twice in a week.

Well he didn’t have to suffer long. The Yanks beat him soundly and early for 7 runs in 3 and 2/3 innings. The fast ball didn’t have the bite and hits were sprayed all over the field. It was hard to watch.

And then Wang followed suit almost to the letter. He was walking every Sox hitter, giving up big doubles and left with 8 runs of his own in just 4 innings. Combined line for these two? 7 2/3 innings, 17 hits, 15 runs, 4 BB, 4 K. Yeah… and then it REAL ugly…

Both the Sox and Yanks pens were less than perfect, which is like saying Paris Hilton’s SAT scores were less than perfect. Olendorf couldn’t hold the lead for the Yankees as he replaced the troubled Wang. This would have put a smile on my face if Tavarez didn’t give it right back to them that INNING! The throwing error by Lugo (who needs to be run out of town… seriously… he brings nothing to this team) didn’t help, but the heap of the blame needs to be put on Tavarez. His pitching was as rough as his complexion and even more uneven.

It took Aardsma for the Sox and Hawkins for the Yanks to put some ICE on this fire. Both pitched very well and tamed the rampaging bats in these lineups. Then, like adding gas to smoldering ashes, Timlin came in to put the game WAY out of reach. Boy oh boy does he look toasted. After the dust cleared, the Sox couldn’t get it done against the Yankees bullpen… you know… ACES like Olendorf, Hawkins and Bruney. Meanwhile the Yankees stomped all over Tavarez and Timlin.

I can’t stand it. Just so many disasters in this one, but it always seems this way when the Sox venture into the Bronx. I cannot wait for them to knock that freaking building down. I only hope they accidentally destroy the new one too.