Saturday, April 22, 2006

Game 17: The First of the Year

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 6, Toronto Blue Jays 7

But we… he could… why the… but he… son-of-a…!!

If you have watched the Red Sox for any amount of time in the last 4 years, you might recognize this type of game. The winnable, the lost, the ashamed. This game should have been OVER (that’s O-V-A-R, over) for Josh Beckett’s 4th win. He and Schilling would have been tied and I would have done this song and dance about how “Josh looked shaky but the hitting pulled him out of it”. Yeah well… enter Mike Timlin with a man on. Better yet, enter Rudy “Somebody put me out to pasture” Seanez in the 12th inning. I am as mad as I have ever been. Yeah I know it’s April. Shut up!

Eric is the logical one. He is they guy who would say “Manny hit 2 homers tonight! He went back to back with Papi” or “Beckett had a quality start and didn’t get the loss” or “Don’t scratch that rash! It will just spread” but I don’t care. I know/feel/use my arcane sense when the Sox lose a winnable game. I understand when to find comfort in stats and when to drink to forget a loss. This was the latter. Call me a problem drinker. I drink when the Red Sox have problems.

I don’t even want to go into what a THRILLER this game was. 12 innings and the bullpen keeps it in sight? What a nail biter! But the fact is the Sox lost their first 1 run game of the year, and that hurts.

Tomorrow it is a rare TRAP game for an opposing team. The recuperating Cy Young candidate Roy Halladay vs Lenny “Not Fatso” DiNardo. On paper a mismatch, but payback’s a bitch. GO SOX!