Monday, April 24, 2006


Two things I neglected to mention yesterday, in my haste to get up a post about the game:

  1. Matt Clement might not have had the game of his life yesterday, but he did beat the Jays for the first time in his career. As I recall, Ted Lilly became a member of the Rodrigo Lopez Club after a similar record and a turnaround game against the Sox, so maybe there’s hope for Clement against Toronto in the future.

  2. Apparently if you become a baseball player, you enter a Bizzaro World where winning bets means you have to pay forfeits. To wit: Jonathan Papelbon and Kevin Youkilis had a bet, where Paps bet that he could reach ten scoreless innings before Youk either hit five home runs or reach a .350 batting average. Paps passed the ten-inning mark on Friday night, making him the winner. Now, where I come from, if you win a bet, you get to dictate the terms to the loser, either in the form of money, some sort of act, or what have you. Like I said, though, baseball is actually Bizarro World: by winning the bet, Paps had to shave his head in a pattern similar to the one sported by Rick “Wild Thing” Vaughn in Major League. When the Herald asked Youkilis about what he would have to do if he had won the bet, he said that Papelbon hadn’t decided yet, which makes me wonder if Paps was just looking for an excuse to get a mohawk without getting in trouble with his wife. Either that or he has a really big thing for Charlie Sheen.