Saturday, June 24, 2006

Game 72: Papi is a Bad Man

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 5, Philadelphia Phillies 3

Another Clutch Crush

Tom Gordon almost looked surprised. Doesn’t he follow baseball? Didn’t he know that he was facing the biggest, the baddest and the BEST clutch hitter in the league? Papi doesn’t like extra inning games… so he ends them. Papi doesn’t like standing in the rain… so he sends everyone home. Papi also doesn’t like ex-Red Sox/ex-Yankee relief pitchers…so he makes them go back to the clubhouse and cry. Can’t you see how bad he is? He’s that big kid who hits the ball into the neighbors yard so you can’t play anymore. You can almost hear Francona scolding him:

“David, don’t you dare pick on those Phillies again! It’s not nice to torment teams weaker than you! Now you go an apologize to Tom right this instant… well maybe wait till he gets his head out of his hands.”

But will he? Nope. He’s to busy giving high-fives to Schilling (another good game, but no win) and Papalbon (2.3 innings of scoreless relief) to notice how sad he made the other team. That’s just insensitive. Weren’t the Phillies upset enough? Papi is just a big bully.

I bet he does it again and sweeps them out of Fenway tomorrow. How cruel. GO SOX.


BTW: Good job by the Sox fans who LUSTLY booed Myers today. Spousal abusers like that deserve all they can get. Kudos to Red Sox Nation.