Thursday, May 04, 2006

Game 27: Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 6, Toronto Blue Jays 7

“A present? For Me? Oh no… I couldn’t. Take it back.”

How do you lose that game? HOW? Every lucky break: squandered. Every freak play: erased. Every chance you have to make or break the game: all breaks. This cold and rainy game was back and forth all night and it would have been more fun to watch if the Sox didn’t “half take” or “spit on” every chance they had to come away with the win.

I had a whole write up for this one in my head. I was going to write a crazy essay about every guy who blew it today.

The poor pitching: Beckett (4 runs and WILD), Foulke (2 run HR), Papelbon (gave up his first run and got the loss), Seanez (didn’t pitch, but I still hate him).

The bad hitting: Youkilis (0 for 4), Ortiz (0 for 5), Loretta (0 for 5 and Slumpy McSlumperton the rally killer), Gonzo (0 for 2 but had a rare RBI), Mohr (2K in 2 ABs… he should pinch hit the road).

But the 9th inning really sucked all that out of me. After Papelbon gives up 3 hits and allows the go ahead run (I still can’t believe this happened… it’s like losing an arm), the Sox have 3 outs to score one run and have Ortiz, Manny and Mohr up. Ortiz strikes out swinging on ball 4 (ugly), Manny gets ROBBED by Hinske, and then Mohr predictably strikes out… but the ball gets away from Zaun and he gets on base! I was shocked Mohr (.156 BA) knew witch way to run. He is replaced by Harris (now used CORRECTLY by Francona 3 times in a row) and Tek steps up to the plate. After 2 wicked cuts, Harris takes off for second and the throw beats him… but the ball gets by the second baseman and Harris takes 3rd! Second life a second time! Now the tying run is only 90 feet away… but Tek looks at strike 3 right down the middle. Game over.

It was a gift and they blew it. Lowell, Manny and Wily Mo hit like CRAZY (9 for 12) but they couldn’t capitalize. Halladay showed weakness and they couldn’t finish him off.

I talked to Eric after this mess and in the midst of my bitching and moaning he said “Well, it was an entertaining game.” I don’t think that’s the word I would use. “Entertaining?” No, “painful” or “brain-damaging” seem to work better in my eyes. I HATE losing games like this. I would much rather lose blowouts or pitching duals. Losing close games when things seem to be going your way is the pits. Who likes these “woulda, coulda, shoulda” games? Especially against these damn Canadians. Damn northerners. Don’t you have hockey to watch? GO BACK TO CANADIA!

Next up: Josh "Faulty" Towers vs Matt "Quick Dry" Clement
Go Sox