Thursday, August 03, 2006

Game 106: The Withering Heat

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 6, Cleveland Indians 5

Fenway looks a bit warm again

For the second day in a row it’s been hot. Not just hot… painfully hot. When you live in a city, extreme heat brings up some smells that are better left UNSMELT. Then everything sweats. People, animals, plants, some brands of cars… all of it dripping with condensation. So I wonder how hot it must be down on the field. Players even in the best of shape can succumb to the temperatures and humidity and players in ummm… NOT so good of shapes (see: round) can really feel the effects. David Wells was seen filling his pants with frozen shrimp and sticking popsicles under his arm pits. Things can go bad if you don’t stay cool. That’s what I think happened to Ortiz today. The Big Papi was sweltering under the 90+ degree night and got the golden sombrero (4K). Even Superman has a weakness (broads). You can’t save the day every time.

Thank God that Mark Loretta isn’t a big fat guy.

How does this happen? How does this team manage to look SO BAD (Lester’s first inning) then keep it together (Lester inning 2-6, Manny, Coco and Gonzo defense) then totally turn it around (Manny jack, Pena bomb) and then blow it (Timlin vs Hafner) AND STILL WIN!!! It shouldn’t have happened, but it did and jumping up and down is a great way to beat the heat. Youk looked especially refreshed. When he ran on the field after the victory, the spray off his sphere bald noggin looked like surf hitting the rocks. Equal parts gross and funny.

Top moments of the night? Besides Loretta making me squeal like a girl, Wily Mo cranking one into the monster is up there. That ball was still going up hard when it hit the first row of seats. You get in front of that and they need to identify you through dental records. That ball would have been out of most national parks (where buffalo graze, not the NL).

Back to the game winner… does anyone else feel bad for that Fausto Carmona kid? Besides the fact that I can’t say his name right (I think I called him Carmine Falcone) and that Eric Wedge keeps leaving out there to die, is he starting to get that Donnie Moore look to him or what? Two walk offs in three games? They should take his shoelaces and belt away from him before they leave him alone in the locker room.

The last game of this series is Beckett vs Westbrook. Is it too much to ask for the mercury to drop a bit? I hope the only thing hot tomorrow is Hazel Mae and the Sox bats. GO SOX.