Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Game 132: Rain Song

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 1, Oakland Athletics 2

I have a theory for you, which might come from the exhaustion stemming from my staying up late to watch a game I knew was going to end in a loss, but might also be divinely inspired.You be the judge:

As any of you living in the Northeast know, it’s been raining or dark and cloudy (i.e., threatening rain) since last Saturday.According to, it’s not really going to stop for the next 10 days, so we’re in a perpetual rain state, a bit like the endless winter in the Chronicles of Narnia.Now, the Red Sox haven’t won a game since it started raining, even though they’ve been playing on the sunny West Coast.Clearly we can link these two issues: the Red Sox not winning is connected to the rain not stopping, like the Sox have been put under a curse that makes it rain, too.Very evil, I know.However, like all good (or bad) curses, this curse probably comes with a prophecy, something about someone returning to the team, stopping the rain and the losing streak in one fell swoop (and maybe solving the injury problem, too).I have a feeling the One in this case is Tim Wakefield, but that might be because I’m sick of watching a new rookie get his start under less-than-auspicious circumstances every fifth day.It could also be Varitek.I’m flexible. And then after whoever it is steps up as the One, Papi comes out and reveals that he's actually Aslan and everything is awesome.

Anyway, weird curses aside, Beckett managed to keep this one close, but not close enough.The A’s had help from the Sox outfield, made up as it is of Coco Crisp and two guys (Hinske and Youkilis) who hadn’t played outside this infield before this year.There was a triple that didn’t need to happen, if I remember correctly and that ended up making all the difference.The same umpire (Doug Eddings) who screwed up the A.J. Pierzynski call in the ALCS last year also robbed Hinske – he called a curveball at the letters strike three, killing a rally in the process.How is this guy still in the league?Sox lose, blah blah.Marquee match up of current Sox ace Curt Schilling and future Sox pitcher Barry Zito this afternoon at 4:05, followed by an escape back to Boston.GO SOX!!!