Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Game 111: I’m Sorry

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, Kansas City Royals 6

I want to apologize. Last post I was upset, I was angry. I said the Red Sox are done… finished… not making the playoffs this year. That was uncalled for even if the DID lose 2 of 3 to Tampa. That wasn’t “Keeping the Faith” as so many tee-shirts and banners and slogans tell me I should be doing. I remember 2004 and the 0-3 hole they were in vs the Yankees… and the depression that preceded the comeback. I know that if I just “Keep the Faith” and good things will be the result.

I was there and I can tell you that this situation is completely different. This situation doesn’t call for “faith”, it calls for PITCHING!! It calls for HITTING with men in scoring position!! When Papi (41 HR, 110 RBI and the MVP if there is a God) can hit any ball over the plate OUT of the park… then you need to get on base in front of him! It’s just that simple.

As for the pitching… well I went into that didn’t I? There isn’t anything good coming from these arms. They look old, inexperienced or tired. I wouldn’t be surprised if half of these guys didn’t pitch in the majors next year… either based on retirement or being sent down to AAA. Lester got hit in the up for 4 earned… but the useless bullpen provided that extra edge (Hansen and Seanez are always good for a few runs).

Look… I don’t know. 2 games back in the AL East, a game back in the Wild Card and another winnable game down the tubes. Do they have a chance? Sure! They are in striking distance for both spots. Do they look like winners? No way, no how. They need to step up now… or slip into a forgone conclusion.

Go and step up against KC, go and do it now (or never) and GO SOX.