Saturday, August 12, 2006

Game 115: Come from Behind

Final score:

Boston Red Sox 8, Baltimore Orioles 7

God I hate Jason Johnson. Is this really the best we can find for a 5th starter? Did David Pauley rub somebody the wrong way? Aw forget it. How can I be upset with a walk off win? In a game where everyone BUT Papi and Manny were able to go deep (Coco, Wily Mo, and Belli) the batting was able to bail out the sub par works of JJ and Tavarez.

Hansen and Timlin were solid for the innings they pitched (what a different a series makes) and Papelbon was the two inning monster that we remember. Except for Johnson being a gimp… it was a flashback to the winning Sox. You remember? The team that could come back from any deficit and always had the big hit ready just in case. Yeah they showed up today. Amazing right?

Well I guess you would give Manny the MVP of this game. Got his hit streak to 27 games in the 10th with the walk off single, but it was his “interesting” defensive plays that made him a hero. In the 9th he saved the game after turning a potential Papelbon triple into an out at third (credit Gonzo with the relay). Finally the wellspring of fortune sprouted in Fenway. It’s been a while.

Ok… now we have Lester with the chance for the sweep. We need this. More than anything there needs to be some redemption in these Sox bats. Bring it Boston. GO SOX!