Thursday, April 29, 2004

Game 20

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 4, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 0

Red Sox pitching has now gone 32 scoreless innings which, ironically enough, is how long it's been since Derek Jeter got a hit. The Sox defense seemed to be having one of those days where they were half in the game; witness the multiple errors (and generally bad day until his last at bat) by Brian "Abe Lincoln" Daubach (man, it's great that guy is back - he's as much a part of the mystique at this point as Lou Merloni). David Ortiz did his beautiful, beautiful homerun hitting thing, Byung-Hyun Kim pitched an awesome five innings and the bullpen...well, the bullpen is now impossible to dislike. It worries me a bit that Manny didn't hit at all, but like I said earlier, as long as they continue to win, it doesn't matter how little the Sox hit.

That's all for the moment - I might get a chance to check out game two of the double-header tonight, but I'll comment on that tomorrow regardless. Off for now and remember as always, YANKEES SUCK!