Monday, October 25, 2004

World Series Game 2

Final Score:

Boston Red 6, St. Louis Cardinals 2

Well, one worry was certainly assuaged last night, as Curt "The Warrior" Schilling threw six innings of one run, four hit, one walk, four strikeout ball last night, bleeding into his sock a splotch the shape of the state of Oklahoma. If Derek Jeter is the William Wallace of baseball, is Curt Schilling the Connor McLeod? As the moment draws down to where there can be only one, Curt Schilling has certainly done his very best in his last two starts to make sure his team gets the World Series rings. With any luck, I'll have the chance to crank "Princes of the Universe" on my stereo and mean it.

Ok, enough of the Highlander references. Sox pitching picked it up last night, keeping the Cardinals to two runs instead of nine. The defense, however, did not, with Bill Mueller committing an incredible three errors last night. Of course, he also had two incredible line drive catches last night to match the errors and prevented the game from being a lot closer by doing so. The second catch, snagged with runners on first and second with two out, was a double play with the tag accomplished by Mueller tagging his jaw to the runner's chest. Based on the speed on which it was hit, Mueller would most likely have had a triple play at second if it had been necessary. What's even more incredible, though, is that none of these errors resulted in a run. This team continues to amaze.

The interesting thing about the Sox last night was how close they came to getting homeruns. Starter Matt Morris was on three days rest for the first time in his career and neither he nor his relief, Cal Eldred were particularly effective, with a combined total of six runs over five and 2/3rds innings. However, with the wind blowing in last night, hits to deep center that would have been homeruns dropped in the park for hits. Varitek hit a two-run triple in the first that came within feet of going into the bleachers and Bellhorn hit a two run double in the fourth that landed in roughly the same area.* In the sixth, Cabrera smacked a hit off the Monster to score two runs (including Johnny Damon from first), but again, I'm willing to bet that ball dropped in the wind. Finally, Manny hit a ball that started as a monster to center, then died enough in the air to drop for a bloop single.

For the Cardinals, it was Pujols' turn to have the big night last night, going three for four with a run and two doubles. Everyone else was pretty quiet, though as Schilling, Embree, Timlin and Foulke combined to get the job done. Heck, the vaunted Cardinals bunt didn't even appear once. Indeed, in the end, it was a game you could watch without getting too worked up, which was really a nice change of pace, especially for a Sunday night. Much appreciated, guys.

On Tuesday night, Pedro goes up against former Sox pitcher Jeff Suppan, most noted for looking a bit like me (but with short hair) and sucking balls as a Red Sox pitcher. I hear he's done pretty well with the Cardinals, though. Again, it's a game against a team who hasn't lost at home all post-season, with our usual DH playing at first. I'm not writing the Red Birds off at all. But if the Sox win tomorrow night...I can't even think it, let alone type it. Not with the way this postseason has gone, let alone with what history says. We'll be one step from the incredible with a lot of breathing room and that's all I'm gonna say. GO SOX!!!

* - Robin, of course, called that one, but only after I prompted him to make a prediction. Well, sort-of called it. He said homerun and of course, on any other night, he would have been right. I give him credit for knowing where the ball should have been, even if the ball did not.