Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Hot Stove 2

Doug Mirabelli has become the first of the free agents to resign, agreeing to a two year deal for an unconfirmed $3 million on the 29th. Gabe "The Great Jewish Hope" Kapler became the first of the free agents to leave the team, opting on the 22nd to go to Japan for a year so he can be a full time player. Pedro Martinez has been offered $37 milllion over three years by the Mets, upping the supposed offer of $25 million over two years with an option for a third year by the Red Sox. Rumor also has it that the Sox have since made that third year a guarantee, upping the total to $40 million.

Obviously, in the scheme of things, the Pedro deal is the most important, but it's important to give Mirabelli, especially, his due. Kapler I wish all the best to - it was fun to watch him play and I'm glad he's decided to try and take his career to the next level. Mirabelli, however, is an important signing because of the role he plays on this team. First, he's Wakefield's catcher. As Varitek proved so succinctly during the ALCS, he can't catch more than half of Wakefield's pitches.* Although I hope to God he resigns, we need Mirabelli to catch every fifth day and now that's secure. Second, Mirabelli's offensive numbers have been steadily increasing in almost category and he certainly hit better for the Sox in every category this year than he did in 2002. He's also consistent trouble for the Yankees, which always go over pretty well in Boston. And, should the worst happen and Varitek signs with another team, Mirabelli has been the fulltime catcher before. Not the best option out there, maybe and certainly not the way this ownership or our Golden Boy GM would run things, but still doable. All in all, good pickup.

Now, Petie. If any of the rumors about the Sox offers are true, it sounds like the Boston Front Office has more than a little interest in keeping him, especially if they're trying to counter the Mets offer by guarenteeing that third year. As much I'd like Martinez to stay around, I'd definately prefer him going to the Mets than to the Yankees, for two reasons: first, if there's any possibility of facing him in the future, I'd rather do it possibly once in interleague play than definately three or four times in normal AL encounters with NYY. Second, the ghosts of 1986 are dead. I can want the Mets to have a good team and not be the weak younger brother in New York now without feeling guilty. Heck, it would be a good inducement to go to Shea if I could see Pedro pitches there. See, making the best of a (potentially) bad situation already. That's all for the moment; I'll be back when more signings, etc. are announced. GO SOX!!!

* - How did we win that game? How did we win the ALCS at all? I was looking at pictures on the other day and I got all giddy about the whole thing AGAIN because I still can't believe it happened. Anyway, enough of my jibbering, back to the analysis.