Friday, February 18, 2005

The Schill returns to show 'em how it's done

Curt Schilling arrived at Spring Training yesterday sporting a Tedy Bruschi shirt and ready to get on track to pitch opening day, according to Curt feels good, David Wells (with whom he was playing catch) says his throws feel good and I'm pretty psyched. Might as well have your best when going up against the Yankees on Opening Day, especially after the ending to the '04 season.

In other controversy, the Sox Front Office is apparently considering giving out the rings for last season's World Series victory not during the home opener, but during a separate ceremony because the game is against the Yankees. The thing is, of course, that there's a question of whether or not there was ever an intention of doing the ceremony on opening day - the entire thing came out of a quote from Dr. Charles Steinberg, Executive VP of Public Affairs in the Boston Herald that it wouldn't be appropriate to present the rings during the Yankee's first visit to Fenway of the '05 season. There are rumors that the rings won't even be done for the home opener, rending the point moot and there's the question of where the assumption that this was a home opener ceremony came from. The Front Office is currently considering its options, which might including doing it on a different day as a fundraiser. My take: if the Sox are choosing not to do the ceremony because they don't want to show up the Yankees, then they're being a bit too PC. With the players and the papers flinging barbs back and forth recently, it's pretty clear the rivalry is quite healthy and that opening day in New York and in Boston will both be a lot of fun. If any of the other reasons are true (it was never planned that way, the rings won't be ready, etc.), then clearly the fault is with the Herald for making such a fuss and Dr. Steinberg for giving misleading statements. GO SOX!!!