Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Bottalico Update

The Boston Globe has confirmed the Bottalico deal is go - Ricky's been assigned to Pawtucket. Robin's take:

"REMLINGER and BOTTALICO sound like cheap cologne names: 'Ooh, you smell like a musty garage! Is that REMLINGER?' 'No, no my friend... it's BOTTALICO.'"

If nothing else, our newest two relievers go well with the bullpen nicknames:
  • Manny "Mini Manny" Delcarmen
  • Chad "Hanging Chad" Bradford
  • Mike "I Shot Him Six Times" Myers
  • Mike "No Inheritance...Please" Timlin
  • Jeremi "Gonzo" Gonzalez
High comedy, all of it. A more serious question: are the Sox going back to twelve pitchers? I doubt it - they just ditched an outfielder yesterday and they're still technically down a player with the Kapler/Stern/Millar combo taking up the slack. Is Mini Manny AAA-bound after all?

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