Friday, January 18, 2008

Sox Resign Lopez and Paint Dries

In an attempt to make the 2008 Red Sox team look almost IDENTICAL to the 2007 squad, the Sox have signed Javier Lopez to a 1 year 840 grand deal that makes me so excited I almost forgot to yawn.

I mean really... Javier Lopez?

I guess this is what qualifies as big news for this club this off season. Noticed I haven't written much this winter? Well that's cause it's been duller than the Boston sky in January. Besides the Johan Santana flap (which is turning into nothing. This could be the biggest tease since the Scarlett Johansson side boob in "A Love Song For Bobby Long") there hasn't been a single interesting move or trade. Unless your a Cardinal, Tiger or Diamondback your team looks pretty much like it did (or is worse) than it was at the end of 2007.

Let's just get the season started already. Come on P's and C's...