Thursday, March 06, 2008

Papelbon is Ours! Wait? What Do You Mean He Already Was?

So you may have heard this flap about Papelbon. He was not too pleased with his contract and the inevitable renewal. He felt he was getting low balled and wanted his prime cut.

And then I saw Prince Fielder said something too…

And then Nick Markakis?

What’s going on here? These are second year guys! Sure they have some great numbers and are set to be future all-stars… but big paydays? Not so fast fellas. I hate to stand on some soap-box and say things like “players didn’t want so much back in my day” cause let's face it… my “day” was like the ‘90s… but this trend of “money before numbers” is pretty ridiculous.

Well at least it seems that the Papelbon issue was semi-resolved. The Red Sox gave the big guy a pretty impressive contract that wasn’t EXACTLY where he wanted it… but it was enough to keep him sated.

At least until its time to sign him for real. Theo, get your checkbook ready.