Monday, August 18, 2008

Cannon Fodder: The Sox Versus the AL-Best Arms

Yanks Fan Sox Fan writer Paul SF posted an analysis today of something that's been on all of our minds since Halladay's complete game effort on Saturday: doesn't it seem like there's something about the league's better pitchers that consistently makes Boston's offense look foolish? Check out his article for the full analysis, but it turns out that sinking feeling in your stomach isn't just a symptom of a myopic focus on the outcome of a single game: the Sox really don't hit the best pitchers as well as their competitors. As Paul points out, that's going to be a particularly big problem once/if we hit the playoffs, when we'll be facing the best of each team's rotation in each series...unless the hitting heat these veterans displayed last year comes back with a vengeance. Then we should be ok, no?