Sunday, November 27, 2005

A Hot Stove is a Good Stove

I have that "burning trade" sensation

Nothing makes you yearn for the baseball season to start more than a good trade. Ok maybe the Pats record of 6-5 and on the verge of being a playoff joke is a good reason to yearn too, but the trades are a close second. Now, I was SHOCKED when I saw that Beckett was coming to Boston. I was not so shocked when I saw that Mike Lowell was attached to the deal. When the deal was finalized last week and Guillermo Mota was added, I realized that there might be someone running the Red Sox front office after all. The hot stove is cooking!

So it’s Beckett, Lowell and Mota for Hanley Ramirez, Anibal Sanchez, Jesus Delgado, Harvey Garcia and not one but TWO buckets of balls. I would say that the Marlins are having a firesale, but with AJ Burnett signed up for free agency and Delgado gone to the Mets there really isn’t much left to set on fire. Highway robbery or not, this was a fantastic trade. The only real loss is Hanley, who seemed like a good guy, but we HAVE a mediocre hitting shortstop…why horde them? The others aren’t too much of a loss (at least for now). Beckett is great. He’s a Yankee killer with ace pitcher stuff and a great attitude. The minor health problems? Who doesn’t have health problems?!?! The Red Sox other star had surgical work that had only been done before on a DEAD GUY. We can deal with blisters.

As for Lowell, he couldn’t be THAT much worse than Millar could he? He might even profit from being in Fenway (a pull hitter park) rather than Dolphins Stadium (a black hole with seats). Getting Mota is good for another reason. Sure he might be a fine addition to the crippled pen or they might move him for tickets to “Walk The Line”, but the point is that the front office demanded the Fish throw some more meat on the already full plate. Somebody showed a couple of brass ones at that meeting and proved that just because we don’t have a real GM and the “wonderkid” we did have ran out of town like he was set ablaze, doesn’t mean we can’t exploit teams in the process of rebuilding. GIVE US MOTA!!! WE DEMAND MOTA!!!

In other news, the David Wells Fargo Wagon hasn’t left town yet (come on back now Dave Roberts). Ortiz doesn’t think Manny is coming back to Boston, but the Mariners and Angels don’t really want him and Mets best offer involves unlimited use of Omar Minaya’s pool and hot tub. Lastly, in the search for a manager, the Dodgers are in the process of interviewing Grady Little. He’s on a short list that includes Michael Jackson, OJ Simpson and a trained orangutan.