Monday, November 14, 2005


"DH? Never heard of it!"

I first saw it when I checked DirtDogs after lunch today.

“No Surprise, A-Rod Wins MVP”

Well I was surprised. Really. I was shocked. I thought this was a done deal for Ortiz and the rest was just paperwork. The numbers have been floated out there enough:

A-Rod has a better average, is better on the base paths, and better junktime numbers.
Ortiz has more RBI’s, more walks, and gets his hits when they count. Close and Late.

The bottom line was at the plate, nobody beats David “Big Papi” Ortiz. He’s the guy you want and there isn’t even a question about it. He is the most valuable hitter in baseball. Get it? VALUE. He has the MOST of it.

“But what about fielding” you say? I say shut up. Fielding is all well and good, but this isn’t “Most Valuable 5 Tool Player” it’s the plain old “MVP”. Ortiz is the most valuable player when batting… why isn’t that enough? It isn’t like A-Rod is the most valuable fielder the Yankees have. He is a mediocre shortstop/third baseman on a team with mediocre fielders at every position (except Jeter… I guess). If A-Rod DHed instead of applying purple lip gloss while running to his corner base position every half inning, I wouldn’t be writing this now. Because Ortiz would have won the MVP hands down. Conversely, if Ortiz had replaced the GAWD AWFUL Kevin Millar at first this season, not only would no one have noticed, but he would have won the MVP hands down. Do you see where I am going with this?

The dried up geezers who vote on things like the AL MVP are vocally against the DH rule. It has been called a perversion of the sport by fans and players alike, but guess what? IT’S STILL A RULE!! It’s allowed and I don’t think players should be penalized just because they hit and then go sit down. It’s DH racism, DH discrimination and it’s hurting the game of baseball! When Jessie Jackson is done picketing the Eagles practice tell him I could use him and his soap box outside of Fenway.

And don't get on me about this being an ANTI YANKEE thing! Hell, I thought Rivera should have won the CY Young over Fatso Colon. This is dumb people using the DH as a yardstick for MVP value. If this was Vlad vs Ortiz I would have the same stance (except I couldn't make fun of his stupid purple lips).

Look, in the long run I probably won’t care about this. I might not remember in 5 years, but now it really frosts my cupcakes. After I settle down I’ll remember that the numbers really are in favor of Ortiz:

Two MVP’s for A-Rod are not as impressive as the one ring for Papi.

Boo yah. GO SOX.