Sunday, May 06, 2007

Game 30: BFF

Boston Red Sox 4, Minnesota Twins 3

Another close game, but this time the Sox managed to stay ahead. Schilling looked good until the 7th inning when the Twins loaded the bases… and nearly unloaded them. Like an EMT or ER doctor, Oki rushed in to keep the lead alive and preserve the win for Paps to save (he looked like his old self).

I was a little upset with the offense today. They should have jumped on that fat wack-job Sidney “Pontoon” early and often. Although it was good to see Drew step it up and get a couple of RBI’s, only scoring 4 off that tub of goo is embarrassing. But they got two out of three in Minnesota, the 20th win, and a solid hold on first place in the AL East.

Now, excuse me a moment as I flashback to a tender moment in the dugout during the 6th inning. Tavarez and Manny are old friends and as close as two guys that wanted to buy matching motorcycles can be. But this season Tavarez seems to be distracted. He has found a new buddy and (dare I say) a soul mate in newcomer Dice K. Their budding friendship has been well documented both on and off the field. Frankly I was getting worried. Not just because of the influence JT Killer would have on the innocent and naive Dice K (so scary), but what does Manny think of this relationship? Does he feel jilted? Has his chum moved on? Is this the reason for the cold start?

Well during the 6th inning today Manny and Tavarez rekindled that old fire. The head rubbing, the smiles, the hugs… it was like old times. Now what sparked this closeness and bonding? Just a simple conversation:

Manny: Hey did ya hear that some under .500 team just picked up a 45 year old pitcher? They’re paying him $5 million a month but he’s only gonna pitch for 3!

Tavarez: That really funny man. But honestly… who cares?

Manny: Wow good point. I wanna rub your head and hug you.

Tavarez: Do it man. Just do it. Go with the feeling.