Monday, February 25, 2008

Bartolo is a Signing That is Hard to Swallow

In an off season where the Red Sox have seen very little action, Theo certainly made a interesting move during Spring Training. Getting Bartolo Colon was a WHALE of a pick-up. He is obviously a LARGE piece of the puzzle. He has a BIG $1 mill coming to him for a minor league deal that some may say is BLOATED.

Get it? He is a FAT ASS!!

He's so freaking big that El Guapo should be stomping up and down at the local Taco Bell. Sure Colon is only 3 years removed from a Cy Young award, but some stats like "whole cows eaten vs games started" since then are startling. Not numbers you want to see.

But honestly, when you look at how little the Sox are giving for HOW MUCH they are getting, by sheer poundage this could be a good deal.

As pointed out by my brother earlier, Colon used to be a big innings eater before he went down with injuries. Too bad innings are so high in calories.