Thursday, June 05, 2008

Game 63: Some Big Distractions

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 7, Tampa Bay Rays 1

Good lord, where do I begin? The Red Sox might not have the fundamentals of baseball first thing in their mind this evening. First, all of Boston is focused on the Celtics and the NBA Finals starting tonight (BEAT LA!!!!) hence the hour earlier start time. There is so much green and red in the stands tonight you’d think it was Christmas.

Also, an interesting point brought up by friend of the site “Yankee Mike”. He said that this Sox team reminds him of the 1999-2000 Yankees. They know they are a good, well rounded team, have a superior lineup, but they play up or down to the level of their competition as they cruise towards the playoffs. What a compliment! Not sure I buy it just yet but it looks like this could be the case.

Injuries have been another issue for this team. In fact, today one of the scariest was Jacoby rolling his wrist after a GREAT catch in center. Ellsbury showed a lot of pain and was immediately removed. Luckily it’s a strain and not a break. Now this wouldn’t have been so problematic if it wasn’t for the biggest distraction…

Coco and the Rays turned Fenway into a MMA octagon.

This whole thing started last night when Coco got his thumb slammed while stealing second. On his next steal attempt he took out Iwamura pretty hard and Joe Maddon had a few choice words. I thought that would be the end of it. I’m a pretty silly fool.

In the third inning, Shields hit Coco right in the leg and Coco went right for Shields face. It was ugly. Catcher Navarro tackled him from behind and Gomes (the freaking DH!) took turns with Carl Crawford beating Coco to a pulp. Not the best showing for a Sox player in a fight. Coco gone (facing a suspension), Shields gone (same) and Gomes too (he better get a few games… come one he wasn’t even in the field). This was a BRAWL and it seemed to fire up… somebody? I don’t know, really. It looked like Coco was battling by himself. Now I’m not saying that the Sox weren’t behind him, but he was the only guy wearing red and throwing punches.

Look, I’m happy we came away with the sweep, but I’m concerned with the roster issues the Sox now face. Too many issues, too many problems and suddenly it could derail what is a great season so far.

(EDIT): Coco called the Rays players: "Little girls" in the after game press conference. I'm going to go out on a limb and say this might not be over...

Oh and Youk and Manny got into a fight with each other after the fight on the field because Manny took so long to come to Coco defense. Can't we all get along... and then fight the Rays? No infighting! I forbid it!