Sunday, June 15, 2008

Game 72: I Love Me Some Interleague Play!

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 9, Cincinnati Reds 0

The Red Sox have some awful numbers on the road this year. They are just terrible away from Fenway. On the flip side, since 2006 the Sox have gone 28-8 in interleague play. It looks like that fact alone might be enough to cancel out the homesickness.

Beckett was dealing today. He had a little trouble with walks in the first 2 innings, but settled down for 7 scoreless and 6 K. He is and remains the ACE of this staff. Great showing from Aardsma and Timlin too. Did Mike Timlin see that I called him out and now wants to step it up and prove me wrong? Well he closed out a 9-0 game… so I won’t freak out about it just yet.

Meanwhile, Reds pitcher Homer Bailey lived to his name and gave up 3 long balls in this blowout. Who needs Manny and Papi? This was a great display from the crew of red hot Sox hitters. Drew (who needs SPF 600 at this point) went deep and had a couple of runs. Crisp (who seems energized after the fight game) had another homer and 4 RBI. Finally, Jacoby (who is a freak of nature) had homer to his name and 2 SB brining his league leading total to 33 and he now holds the Red Sox rookie record.

Sox win the series and now move on to Philadelphia. Yeah, unlike the awful Reds, the Sox now face a NL division leader. I hope the inerleague record can hold up.