Friday, September 26, 2008

It's Down To This...And It's Down To You

Jon Lester brings the money, money, money ball last night and has us thinking two no-nos in a year through six, while a cast of thousands (in the form of one of the lighter-hitting-on-paper Red Sox lineups we've seen this year) beats the odds and backs him up with more than enough runs for the win. Meanwhile, the Rays can't seal the deal, and fall to within two (well, technically three) of losing the lead again. We've gotta win 'em all and they've gotta lose 'em all. Oh, and we'll be facing the Yankees, who - despite their unaccustomed position in the standings - will no doubt be spoiling for a victory or two to keep Boston permanently out of the top spot. Wild Card is nice, but no one would mind a home series against Chicago, either. Time to go for all of the marbles!