Thursday, September 04, 2008

Tying the Sellout Streak

If memory serves, I first heard about the possibility of the Sox breaking the major league baseball sellout record in 2004. It was long before the streak fate was even in question, of course, but in the air because of the string of sellouts the Sox had amassed since the previous year. I was excited at the time, because I was full of super-homerism on all things Red Sox (living in a pre-championship world didn't help), but as Boston prepares to break the streak next week, I'm a little less than enthused. Sure, it's great that the Sox have such a committed fan base that they pack the house to see a series against a last place team that only coincidentally included an exciting conclusion, or that new players get juiced by their first experiences with a large home crowd, but now that Fenway's become the domain of scalpers (legal and otherwise), it's a bit of a pain for those of us coming in from out of town to get seats. Should I have to schedule a vacation just to see a game, or am I just getting complacent?