Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm All Out of Love

ALCS Game 7: Boston Red Sox 1, Tampa Bay Rays 3

Did that just happen? Did that just really happen?

So many things to say... no heart or energy left...

Papi needs surgery. Like NOW.

Jacoby was not playing for a REASON. He was a mess.

Cora lost cause. Casey lost cause. Timlin lost cause. MDC the lostest cause.

Tek.... oh God... I don't know. Don't make me do that now.

Can't blame Lester. Can't blame Tito. Can't blame anyone.

I hate everything about Tampa. I hate the new fans. I hate the cowbells. I hate mowhawks.

I got nothing left. No juice. No gusto. No guile. Maybe in a week I can bounce back.

...But now? Ugh... I got nothing...