Saturday, October 18, 2008

Redemption: Thy Name Is Beckett

So it comes down to this. ANOTHER “win or go home” moment for the 2008 Boston Red Sox and we send Josh Beckett to the mound to defend our teams honor. Any year before this and that is a BOON. A gift. An omen.

But this year the great Beckett looks fallible. He is no longer the instant big game winner he once was… but that’s the pattern right?

In 2003 he was the young upstart beating the favorites. The David v Goliath.
In 2007 he was the dominant power monger at the height of his excellence.
In 2008… well… this is Beckett’s “Year of Adversity”.

Everyone and their mother knows he isn’t at 100%. He is injured or tired or SOMETHING… but he isn’t the lights out guy anymore. So that must mean that this will be his “Bloody Sock” performance. His ultimate sacrifice game. This will be Josh Beckett’s time to push into a legendary group of baseball players and prove that he is ready to stand among them in playoff history.

I just hope he has enough left in the tank to pull it off… cause if he can… someone get the bronze ready… we got a statue to make.