Thursday, January 08, 2009

Note to Andrew Perloff: No More Haterade

I know it's pissy for Boston fans to complain about lack of respect - we've certainly worn out our welcome with the rest of the country with all of the fun we've had in the past near-decade celebrating our wins - but talk about your lack of respect:
I wouldn't be surprised if the Bruins were the only Boston team to win a title for some time. The Red Sox have been thrashed by the Yankees in the hot stove league. The Patriots missed the postseason completely and don't know when Tom Brady is coming back. And the Celtics don't look like they're going to get as lucky against the Cavaliers in this season's Eastern Conference playoffs.

Boston, you had a nice run. Now it's time to go hang out with the Detroits of the world and let another town take over as America's most successful sports city.

Wow. I mean, even without the random Detroit hating - didn't they win an NBA championship in '04, Stanley Cups in '02 and '08, and come within a series of winning the World Series in 2006? How are they a second-run sports city, exactly? - someone's clearly got their facts in a cherry-picked twist. The Red Sox were three runs, a bases loaded situation, and a boatload of key injuries away from going to the World Series this past October, and guess what? Almost all of that team is back for the spring. In other words, the Sox "lost" the Hot Stove League because unlike the Yankees, they didn't really need to play.

The Pats became the first team in 23 years to miss the post-season with an eleven win record and did pretty damn well for a team missing a few key components. "Don't know when Brady is coming back" is deceptive phrasing: the question is whether or not he'll be coming back Week 1 or Week 6. Either way, it sounds like the Pats will still have Cassel, the backup who led the team to an elimination game away from the playoffs.

Finally, as one of the commenters on Andrew Perloff's idiotic post pointed out, the Celtics' current slide dates back to the period before the Starbury rumors...and even if it didn't, what team doesn't have bad streaks over the course of a long season?

In other words, Mr. Perloff, I have two words for you and your factless spin through Boston sports bashing: Epic Fail.