Friday, September 24, 2004

Game 152

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 7, Baltimore Orioles 9

Lord, how I wish I was B. K. Kim. Then I could make 3.4 million a year to blow two games and spend the rest of the time in Korea or in the dugout doing a weird form of Tai Chi. Must be nice. Truth be told, I'm probably being a littleharsh. Well, not harsh so much as unreasonable. Last night was a real grind of a game (and after three nights, it gets a bit tough to bear). Robin had the excellent idea of going over to his apartment, eating pizza, drinking beer and listening to the game on, which I was a big fan of - but it led to a lot of pacing as the game wore down and Byung Hyung Kim gave up those two critical runs in the top of the ninth. I'm being unreasonable because Derek Lowe had yet another awful start (I doubt, at this point, that he'll be on the playoff roster) and after he left in the fifth, the Sox were forced to use another string of relievers to finish the game. By the time the game got the ninth, Francona was forced to scrape the bottom of the barrel and bring in Kim. Clearly, in the scheme of things, yesterday's game wasn't as important as the games this weekend, when (hopefully) we won't need this many relievers and wearing someone
out to beat Baltimore isn't worth it. I just wish that Kim could have gone in there and done his job properly.

On a positive note, Ellis Burks, who was one of my favorite players while on the Red Sox when I was a kid, came off the DL for the first time since April and got a bloop single in the bottom of the
ninth. Robin and I had a great time looking at old baseball records on and talking about how cool Rickey Henderson and Wade Boggs are. And, despite my obnoxious head cold, I really
enjoyed myself, although as Robin, the Gameday addict who just couldn't say no, proved again and again, having Gameday and Gameday Audio (which has an unfortunate delay) open at the same time is a recipe for disaster. Gameday should be used only when confused about the score, not as some sort of obscene crutch when the situation on the field is tense. Remember that, kids. Knowing the future, especially in situations like last night (and I kid you not, every time he looked, it was bad news), is a BAD BAD idea. Also, chanting MEEEEEAT meat MEEEEEEAAAAAAAT meat MEEEAAAT, etc. at a computer screen is not as effective as chanting it at a television
screen. Pedro vs. Moose tonight for the start of the last New York/Boston matchup of the regular season. GO SOX!!!