Saturday, September 04, 2004

Games 131 - 132

Final Scores:

Game 131: Boston Red Sox 12, Anaheim Angels 7
Game 132: Boston Red Sox 4, Anaheim Angels 3

It was a bit of a slug fest (as it certainly was throughout this series) but the Red Sox pulled off their second sweep in a row. Both games were exciting - I watched the first at home on ESPN and the second in a bar on 79th street with Robin and his friend Matt on NESN - and with the tit-for-tat run scoring that went on through most of both games it wasn't always entirely sure what would happen. What was consistent, however, was the ability of the Red Sox offensive machine to manufacture runs. I actually called Robin on Wednesday and left a message expressing my amazement about the ability of the Sox to score (they had scored four runs in the first for the second night in a row), comparing them to a machine that produced runs and ate pitchers for fuel. Lowe pitched well last night and although Arroyo did not have a good night the night before, Terry Adams, who so far has been less than stellar, put together an excellent performance to put out the Angels' fire. And again and again (although more last night than night before) the defense was excellent, preventing a number of potential hits from turning into runs. For the record, Derek Lowe is now 13 and 10 and has won 6 of his last 7. The Sox have now won nine in a row, are 3.5 games behind the Yankees in the East and 4.5 games ahead of Anaheim in the Wildcard.

David Ortiz is day to day with bursitis in the shoulder, Brandon Puffer has come up from AAA to replace Ramiro Mendoza, whose shoulder is bothering him and in an impressive display of legal ability, Gabe Kapler and Trott Nixon got both suspensions and fines dropped in their hearing yesterday. The two used video clips to prove that Kapler was attacked by Yankee pitcher Tanyon Sturzte and that Nixon was attempting to pull Sturzte off of Kapler during the infamous fight back in July. GO SOX!