Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Games 153 - 155

Final Scores:

Game 153: Boston Red Sox 4, New York Yankees 6
Game 154: Boston Red Sox 12, New York Yankees 5
Game 155: Boston Red Sox 11 , New York Yankees 4

"When I see Johnny Damon 5 minutes before the game starts--he's naked. Five minutes after the game starts he's on 2nd base."
- Terry Francona, quoted on NESN this past weekend (with thanks to Robin)

A wild and woolly weekend. There's a possibility that it might have been a sweep, since Francona fell under the Pedro spell and pulled a Grady Little and left Martinez in a little too long on Friday...and Pedro gave up two runs. As I pointed out to Robin, though, hopefully Francona's gotten this bit of idiocy out of his system now and won't be pulling it when it really matters. I was in NJ for the Jewish holidays for this series, but caught part two through a combination of Gameday Audio and Gameday - watching in bemusement as the Sox blew the game open by scoring seven runs in the eighth inning and then missing game three completely. But Schilling's 21st win was practically a shoe-in in my mind - something would have to go catastrophically wrong to throw Curt Schilling off the win track right now. Game two (and partially game three) just proved again why the Yankees are in trouble - for the most part, their bullpen just isn't. With the AL East magic number at 4, it will be interesting to see what happens when the Yankees play the Twins this week while the Sox are in Tampa Bay - it just might be possible to pull of that reverse 1978 yet. GO SOX!!!