Sunday, April 03, 2005

Game 1

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 2, New York Yankees 9

Not auspicious beginnings. Boomer kinda well, boomed (or is it bombed?), giving up four runs in four and a third innings. And hit Giambi twice. And balked in a run. Ugh. Then Mantei came in and looked
horrible; couldn't find the plate to save his life. Iffy defense, including a Bill-Buckner-style gaff by John Halama, who finished the game up for the Sox, helped complete the Yankee revenge on the first night of the season. Micah and Robin were in attendance at the new apartment, which did well for the proceedings, thanks mainly to the massive couch which dominates my living room and we had a good time discussing such baseball arcana as "which current players are borderline Hall of Fame eligible" and "what does George Steinbrenner really have control over at this point? (with thanks to Nikki)." It really wasn't that interesting of a game, all told.

My thoughts:

Obviously, this is the first game in a long season and I'm not particularly worried. The boys were not up to form tonight and even though they drew first blood (and last blood, although it was a bit late by then) there were either some jitters going on, or the mindset isn't in yet. I also wonder a bit how the rain during the game effected the action from the Sox side; they clearly couldn't handle the wet turf or the wet ball as well as the Yankees did and it hurt them a lot. My own reactions were fairly muted (no crazy is good) and I didn't feel a lot of the energy that gestates behind the Sox to create wins. I'm told that this is the fifth straight year the Sox have lost their home opener, which makes even less of a case for worrying.

Letting YES have the monopoly on showing this game in the "tri-state area" was a terrible idea. I'm not a fan of the ESPN announcers by any means, but the YES love fest is a far cry worse. Also, Paul O'Neill should never be a color commentator for anything. He adds about as much value to the broadcast as a wet sock. Bring back Al Leiter!

Next game is on Tuesday, so the rest of the MLB can catch up tomorrow night, now that the Sox/Yankees "big draw ratings night" is over. See ya then...GO SOX!