Sunday, April 10, 2005

Game 6

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 3, Toronto Blue Jays 4

My question after this one was over: would Francona have left Timlin in if he was there making the decisions, or would he have brought in Foulke, as he usually did last year when there was a tie? Once again, I think we can all be grateful that Brad Mills isn't running this team after today.

Not that it was all his fault. Although the Sox again scored first, Matt Clement continues to struggle with his control, giving up 5 walks and getting deep into a number of counts, shortening his inning total. The bats couldn't seem to create enough of a spark to really light an offensive fire and there were a number of squandered scoring opportunities, with nine men left on base. Even the ninth inning rally, where the Sox tied the game up on a Renteria single, came on a two strike, two out pitch and Manny was unable to seal the deal by sending Damon home. So it doesn't seem like everyone's got their heads together as of yet.

On the positive side, before Manny killed the rally, he had was described on the radio as a "shaky" double and then a strong single, whereas up until now he's looked kinda lost. Maybe he's having his moment of epiphany and will rejoin the Manny/Ortiz tag team, already in progress. Speaking of Ortiz, the Big Papi not only has a six game hitting streak, but he's had at least one extra base hit in every single one of those games. He's a monster who eats baseballs for breakfast and I love him.

Home opener tomorrow, starting, for whatever weird reason, at 3:00 in the afternoon. The ring distribution and *gulp* championship banner display ceremonies start at 2:00 and I'm wondering if they're going to broadcast any of it on the radio/tv. I also wonder if YES would bother broadcasting the ceremonies, since their target audience wouldn't really be what I call interested. We'll see. It's also the Wakefield/Mussina rematch and maybe being home will finally get the offense going the way it should be. GO SOX!!!