Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Game 2

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 3, New York Yankees 4

Edgar Renteria needs to relax and stop making errors and hitting into double plays. Manny needs to relax and get hits. The Boston pitching staff needs to relax and make it past the fifth inning. Actually, that's a little unfair; Clement only gave up three runs today, it's just that Matsui is starting to give me creeping horrors. He is, in a word, monstrous.

Really, the big problem right now is hitting, Varitek's tying homerun and Foulke's walkoff homer not withstanding. Pavano had a good day for himself and he was helped by two double plays (including one from Edgah in a tight situation). The Sox did manage to climb out the hole created by Matsui and his two run homerun, but they can go better than tit-for-tat with Yankee hitting and will, as soon as they get their heads wrapped around the new season. It was pointed out to me by Nikki's brother Steven that the '98 Yankees lost their first four games - not that the comparison is there to be made yet, but it eases my mind a bit. Also, it's the second game of the year. No biggie yet. GO SOX!