Thursday, June 02, 2005

Game 53: BIG PAPI!!!

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 6, Baltimore Orioles 4

"He's so man, if I was to stand next to him, my testosterone levels would increase."
- Robin on David Ortiz

Now THAT was a win. Hard fought, neither team giving quarter, coming right down to the last out...and all within the standard nine innings. I sat through the whole thing, crouched in my chair, upset at any interruption that required the removal of my headphones.

Good enough start: double by Youkilis, who advances to third on a Renteria ground out and goes home on a Big Papi sacrifice fly. Then the Orioles tie it up in the second with a Jay Gibbons solo shot. The Sox, who did a bit better against this rookie than they have against other rookie pitchers this year (leaving seven on base) got another two runs in the fourth after Ortiz walked, Manny singled and Varitek hit a two run double. That kept the score at 3 - 1 until the sixth, when the Orioles pulled the exact same combination (plus a groundout) to get two runs of their own. Clement, who had a decent outing today (three runs, six hits, three walks, four strikeouts) but seemed bothered by something (or so Joe and Jerry thought) made it out of the sixth ok. Timlin, Myers and Foulke got the game to the ninth, when a series of infield hits and a botched double play allowed a run to score. There wasn't really anyone to blame on this one; the ball hit by Palmeiro wasn't hard enough to turn two effectively and Foulke did pretty well pitching around some of the scariest bats in the league. Orioles were up 4 - 3 when Foulke got B.J. Surhoff to ground out.

Bottom of the ninth. B.J. Ryan, closer extraordinaire, comes on to pitch. Johnny Damon, who had been sitting out to rest his knee but came in to pinch hit for Jay Payton, hit his second monster out of the game. One out. Mark Bellhorn hits an infield single. Youkilis strikes out swinging. Two outs. Edgah, in a gutsy move, bunts his way on. Big Papi comes up, against a pitcher who does pretty well against lefties (.207 average in 29 at bats). A pitch inside. A foul. Two balls outside. I've now minimized everything on my screen and am actively praying for a hit. A swinging strike, low and in, just where David likes 'em. A high strike. A low, outside fastball...CRUSHED. Up and up it flies, deep into center field for the game winning three run homerun. As the ball clears the wall, Alan calls me to celebrate. I'm hyperventilating, tears in my eyes. It's beautiful. I love David Ortiz.

Oh lord, the Hate.

Tomorrow night, the Boston Red Sox of Fenway start a three game series against the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, who lead the AL West, Boomer versus Escobar. We'll see if the big man can keep throwing those nasty curves. GO SOX!!!