Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Game 63: "Game 8"

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 10, Cincinnati Reds 3

Ok, not Game 8; that would be rediculous. Even if Fisk was there, getting his own personal foul pole. When I turned on the game last night, the Sox were up 2 - 0 thanks to a two run double from Edgah, which completely fooled Red centerfielder Ryan Freel and I got the overwhelming feeling of good, like I knew that this game was not going to be one of missed opportunities and bad playing. Well, not on the Boston side, anyway. Right after I tuned in, the Sox easily pulled off a three run inning, going up 5 - 0. Key to that rally was another Reds miscue, when a wild throw by catcher Jose Valentin back to Eric Milton allowed Manny to advance from second to third. With two outs, Varitek singled him in, starting the scoring.

Manny was also in the center of another piece of wackiness - a hit in the sixth that went into the right field corner and appeared to be caught by Wily Mo Pena as he slammed into the wall...but the ball smacked off his glove and into the stands for a three run homerun. Manny gave the wall a "holy cow I can't believe that just happened" look and trotted around the bases for his second homerun in as many days.

The Railsplitter was deviously efficient, going eight solid innings with six hits, three runs, one walk and nine beautiful strikeouts on 107 pitches. In the ninth, Matt Mantei came out with a 10 - 3 lead, presumably to do some confidence building. He was a little wild at first, throwing a walk, but struck out two to end the game.

Tonight, game two: Wells versus Luke Hudson, making his second start off the DL. First time out Hudson gave up five runs off of three hits in six innings against Tampa Bay, but went on to get the win. I have a hunch that tonight, assuming Boomer continues to throw the way he's been throwing, that Hudson won't be so lucky this time around.