Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Game 75: Let's Pretend This One Didn't Happen

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 0, Cleveland Indians 7

"When stuff like that happens to Trot, I don't go ask him. He'll wring somebody's neck."
- Terry Francona

Yeesh. My friend Micah has a rule about betting on baseball: don't bet on the team who's won more than five in a row...and last night was a good example of why. Not a good night in Red Sox Land - after three scoreless innings, Arroyo suddenly couldn't pitch, giving up seven runs in 4 and 2/3rds innings and three costly walks. Even when he was hitting the strike zone, the pitches weren't breaking properly and two of them ended up over the wall in the seventh.

In the field, the defense took the night off: Bellhorn had a double play throw from Mueller bounce off his glove, leading to the first two runs; a fly ball to Nixon in the seventh glanced off his glove and into the bullpen for Grady Sizemore's two run homer (it's ok Trot, you're still a walking highlight play) and in the ninth, Ramon Vasquez, who came on for Bellhorn (Francona was in scrubs mode), let a routine ground ball go between his legs. Ugly.

And finally, the offense was checked out too - swinging at first pitches, striking out (eight total), flying out (twelve total), grounding out (seven total), not being able to hit period, let alone with men on base. Three hits and two walks for the night with nothing to show for it. Not so good. Since I tuned into NESN right around when Arroyo fell apart, my record with MLB.tv so far is one close win, two losses and every time I've tuned in, the pitching goes south almost immediately, I'm starting to wonder if I should see if MLB.com offers refunds. Law of averages should catch up soon, though.

The positives: Damon had one of those three hits, so his hitting streak is alive and well at fourteen games. The Yankees beat the Orioles, so we're still 2.5 games up on first. Arroyo hit Aaron Boone on the hand and the face with the same pitch (woo! sour grapes) and Tito supplied the quote of the day (see above). Wade Miller will go up against Cliff Lee tonight for rematch number two and attempt to regain the glory. GO SOX!!!