Tuesday, July 19, 2005

And So It Begins...Again

The Red Sox designated Alan Embree for assignment today before the start of tonight's second game against Tampa Bay. Although Embree has shown improvement since the start of July (one run and two hits in six appearances/4 innings since July 3rd, when he gave up two runs on one hit in an inning and 2/3rds), Tito and Theo felt that Embree hadn't been able to get into a groove this season.
"It's been a tough road for him this year. He made some mistakes and he paid dearly over the middle of the plate, the first stretch. I thought he went through a stretch where he was actually making pitches and it didn't matter. So it's some inconsistent pitching, coupled with some bad luck. It's coming up to that time of the year where things happen."
-Terry Francona

Don't Worry Buddy...We'll Remember You For Moments Like This

I also wonder if maybe the Sox waited until now because Embree had been showing improvement, making him more attractive trade bait. I'm curious if they'll use him to get another arm, improve the bench depth or perhaps get a more permanent second base solution, specifically the Royals' Tony Graffanino. Jerry Remy and Don Orsillo, when discussing the news of Embree's departure at the start of tonight's game, said that we would see more of Mike Timlin and Mike Myers. At the moment, the Sox are back to carrying 11 pitchers, with only two lefties in the bullpen.

The Sox also traded Scott Cassidy to the Padres to reacquire Adam Hyzdu, who was traded earlier in the season to San Diego for Blaine Neal. Hyzdu, who's had 20 at-bats this season and sports a .150 AVG, will fill the utility outfielder hole left by the departure of Jay Payton, as well as the 40th roster slot.

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