Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Game 100: Game Of The Year?

Final Score:

Boston Red Sox 10, Tampa Bay Devil Rays 9

Note: the following is Robin liveblogging last night's game. I was at Yankee Stadium, watching Johnson versus Radke:

So while you were watching the Yankees hired gun pitch 8 shutout innings with 11 K's and only 2 hits, I was hoping that the Sox hired gun wasn't drinking out of a tube for the rest of his life.

After KILLING TB starter Hendrickson to the tune of 5 runs (and a Manny 2 run Jack)...Clement seemed to be cruising...and except for Trot throwing his back out was un-eventful. That IS untill Carl Carford hit a line drive off the skull of Clement, sending the game (and me) into a downward spiral of problems. TB tied it with a GRAND FREAKING SLAM off "Hanging" Chad Bradford... 5-5.

OH KAY... except NOW they forgot how to hit we get it back in the 7th (6-6) and then those pesky Rays get 2 more (6-8) off the ALWAYS scary Gonzolez. Looks like the end of another bad game when TEK goes YARD in the ninth...Millar singles (3 for 4 he must have heard me threaten to kill him) Stern runs for him and then Older-guy gets a on the corners...and BIG BILLY THE PRO hits a corner ball double...Millar scores...OLD MAN to third? NOPE!!! FREAKING NEVER FAIL DALE SENDS HIM!!! HE'S 10,000 years old!!!

BAMN thrown out at the plate...Bill left on third and stays there when Tony G strikes out...FINE WHATEVER!!! Tie Game 8-8.

Schill comes out and is all balls...good!! One bloop hit but the rest go down. I (and the Sox announcers) bearly have time to catch our breath when THE POWER OF CHRIST compels a 1st pitch fastball from Danys "Don't Call me Joan" Baez to get out of the Park...then Rent singles...Ortiz pops up...Bad THROW and Manny gets on...and then THE CAPITAN does it again!! Doubles and scores Rent! Manny left on third and 2 more quick outs...10-8 good guys.

Shill comes back...One quick out..then Hollins hits a line drive to Manny...I am a little nervous at this point...I think someone popped out and Hollins went to 2nd...and then Travis (tee) Lee hits a freaking NO WAY double to the on second STILL!!!! And now Schill cant find the plate...WALKS Alex Gonzolez on 4 pitches...winning runs are on for Joey Gathright. He pops one foul that RENT AND THEN MANNY JUST MISS!! Then WAY inside...gulp...GROUND BALL!!! JOEY'S FAST...screw it!! throw to Rent!! Out at second !!! GAME!!! Oh pants are full. Well the Cat Scan is clean... no feeding tube for Clement, but I might need one.

Robin OUT!

Yeah, I missed all that. Fortunately, has free archives so I'll be watching yesterday's game myself and be back later with my own comments and other Sox-related news.

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