Monday, December 05, 2005

All Hail Caveman Jesus

The Sox (Lucchino, Bill LaJoie, the Gang of 4) and Damon/Boras are meeting tonight in Dallas to try and nail down a deal. The news of such things fills me with an inner happiness comparable to that of a child going to bed on Christmas Eve: jittery and full of hope for the coming dawn and the possibility of good tidings. That the Herald chose to include tidbits like, “the center fielder has repeatedly made it clear that he would like to return to Boston” and “it’s possible that a compromise could be reached that would see Damon agree to a four- or five-year deal with incentive stipulations that could trigger two or three option years” in their announcement only stokes the fires of my desire for the return of the Caveman Jesus to the green pastures of Fenway’s hallowed outfield. It’s a bit like how I felt about re-signing Varitek last winter. I guess we should all feel grateful that the Mets already have a centerfielder; the way Minaya’s spending money right now, he’d probably go for the 7 year, $84 million deal that Boras is shopping around right now.