Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christmas Came Early… was I naughty?

I asked for so very little from Santa this year: A mighty Sox bullpen, Scarlet Johansen in nothing but a pink bow and a million dollars.

So far, I got Brendan Donnelly and JC Romero. Whoops!

Donnelly is pretty good and can even be great if he can rekindle some of that 2003-2004 fire. But he’s 36, his numbers are in a steady decline and he certainly can’t be a closer. Another solid righty for the staff. Whatever.

JC is another “maybe” guy (great, more questions). Everyone needs another lefty in the pen, but this guy has been less than stellar lately. At least he’s cheap.

So we are looking at Delcarman, Hansen, Tavarez, that Japanese guy (not even trying), Donnelly, JC and Lester?

Even if the two guys we just picked up are mooks, that’s not bad. It’s very hard to get a quality bullpen without a little luck. The Tigers got some amazing stuff from their young guys last year and the Angels (who we just berry picked from) have always had a decent crew, but most of them were farm guys. If you look around the league… this isn’t half bad.

One problem: No closer… yet.

Bah Humbug.