Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Sox Will Rock Your Face!

I am freaking excited that the Red Sox are like the best team in baseball thus far (that’s what the stats say so gimme a break) and I like to celebrate that fact by blasting some tunes on my computer/stereo/Ipod what-have-you. I like to listen to all things that get me fired up after a win, or real depressing stuff to help the booze go down cleaner after they dump one in the latter innings. Even though we no longer have Bronson Arroyo and his guitar “talents”, I like to think I have channeled a part of the Red Sox musical muse.

I know you’re thinking “why the hell are you telling me this stuff, you psychotic idiot?” but hear me out cause this is gonna be good.

Ok, so this is how it’s gonna work: Eric and I are going to go all “rock star” with the Sox playoff games this year. We are gonna lay down some “fat tracks”, some “fresh beats” and some “utter clichés” for each and every playoff game the Red Sox are involved in. Now what I need from readers (if we still have any) is some suggestions (just leave them as comments) on what songs might fit different situations that might pop up during this series with the Angels (and hopefully beyond). Maybe something like “Big win = AC/DC, Thunderstruck”, or “Big Loss = Smashing Pumpkins, F*@# You An Ode To Nobody”. These are things we like… but I am always looking for fresh views.

I hope this catches on… cause we’re doing it anyway. Please post a comment if you have any suggestions, and hey, maybe if it’s any good we’ll use it and you can bitch and moan about how we stole your idea. Oh, and I bet Eric will have a post season match-up post or something coming soon too, because I’m “fun dad” and he’s “work dad”. Sure, he’ll help you with your science project volcano, but I’ll take you to Disney World.