Sunday, September 30, 2007

Game 162: Why Do I Care? The Season Is OVER!!

Final Score: Boston Red Sox Cupcake, Minnesota Twins Banana

How the hell did the Sox find a way to make this a tense game? Unlike last night that locked up the best record in baseball, the final game of the season had absolutely no meaning what-so-ever! The final score was Cupcake to Banana for crissake! How did they manage to suck me in and make me think that the outcome of this game would matter?

Down by a sprinkle, bases loaded in the 9th, and back to back K’s sink the last chance to salvage the season ender and the Sox hopes for… oh wait that’s right… this game didn’t freaking matter!!! It’s like the Red Sox use some crazy mass mind control device to make me freak out about every game possible.

Bottom line, this game was like “Whose Line is it Anyway” where everything is made up and the points don’t matter. We end the season 96-66 tied with Cleveland with the best record in MLB (but we win home field advantage due to the head-to-head record) and head into the playoffs footloose and fancy free. Our pitching will be rested, our big bats are back and momentum is building.

What a season this was. Winning is always sweet, but being the best is so much sweeter. Eric and I will have some pre-postseason info for everyone before Wednesday’s match up with the Angels, but for now, relax, crack a bottle of bubbly and enjoy this picture of the crazy man that is Papelbon.