Monday, September 10, 2007

Game 145: Sometimes You Get The Horns

Final Score: Tampa Bay Devil Rays 1, Boston Red Sox 0

I have very little to say about this mess. Schilling pitched a HELL of a game. He really pitched a 6 inning gem minus a double and a sac fly in the 5th. The Sox bullpen was solid, the defense was money… but great googley-moogley there was nothing the bats could do against Kazmir. He went 7 strong, had 10 K’s and made the Sox look stupid at the plate. I am left here looking at a 5 game lead and nursing a sour stomach. It’s one of those games where you shake your head and wonder how your beer got so empty so fast. It’s a game you wish you could UNwatch.

We just got dominated by the Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

Man... that looks even worse in writing.