Friday, September 14, 2007

I Was Saying “Drewwww Drewwwww”

As fans, sometimes we get fed up. We get annoyed with the mediocrity of some of our players. We complain about their lack of passion and their wasted ability. Earlier this season Lugo was the focus of our vitriol… but now… there is only J.D. Drew.

He has been the lighting-rod of this sometimes anemic offense and the main target of recent boos from fans. Now to Drew’s credit, he has gotten on base all year and he has begun to turn it around at the plate (although some would argue it hasn’t been in key situations). However, this doesn’t change the fact that his offensive numbers are WAY below what we expected from our highly paid left-fielder. So the boos were constant and loud from the home field crowd. I heard them first hand when I was at Fenway last week.

Well, let’s cut that crap out… cause the Captain told us to. Yep, in a statement in the Eagle Tribune Jason Varitek says that the fans have the power (really?) and that we should give Drew standing ovations (really?) to give him the push he needs to turn it around. According to Tek, the much maligned Drew is going to be with us a long while and we need to get used to him (really?) and get behind him.

I feel like a scolded child that KNOWS he’s in the wrong. We gave Lugo a standing O and he came around… I supposed the over hyped, over paid and under performing Drew deserves the same treatment. With the Yankees in town this weekend, I guess it’s time for us to let Drew know that we support the laundry, no matter who’s in it.

Give him a hand. Lord knows he needs it.