Sunday, September 02, 2007

Monthly Recap: Awesome August? Yes and No

August Record: 16-13
Overall Record: 80-55

As the summer winds down and the thoughts of baseball fans turn to playoff races the Red Sox surged and struggle almost simultaneously. To make sense of such a varied month, one almost needs to break it down into simple YES and NO questions. Well, one did. Let’s light it up.

YES the three game sweep at the hands of the Yankees was just about as awful a moment in this season. Horrible way to end the month and even with the 5 game lead it leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Pass the Listerine and get past it because there STILL is a 3 game series to play with the Bronx Bombers.

NO I don’t think anyone but the Red Sox have a chance at winning the East. Get over yourselves you chicken-little bastards.

YES I think someone needs to get fired over the Francona fashion police incident during the second game against the Yankees. MLB has no business messing with a manager when there are runners in scoring position. The Red Sox at LEAST need a formal apology.

YES Joba Chamberlain threw at Youk’s head on purpose. I don’t care if he’s the second coming. That young punk better learn his place from someone OTHER than Roger Clemens.

NO I don’t think the Red Sox showed what they are made of in that series against the White Sox.

YES I think the White Sox showed that they are the biggest joke in baseball. Just so happens Boston got the joke.

NO I don’t think the Gagne trade is going to be a problem down the line. He is an A+ reliever when he gets his stuff working.

YES I thought it was the worst trade EVER when he blew the 2 games against Baltimore and then that double header against the Angels. I wanted his head on a platter and I don’t think I was the first in line to carve him up. Actually, it might have been a 2 hour wait.

YES I think he’s trustworthy now.

NO I don’t think Dice-K can be measured by his record. This guy has gotten NO run support and is inline to become the Tim Wakefield of the “whoops sorry about the 0 runs” string of games. He might go nuts and return to Japan if this keeps up.

YES I think Schilling is done in 2008. Not just with the Red Sox (he made that clear with his thoughts on Tampa), but also with the rest of the league. He is D-U-N done and I will be amazed if he makes 20 starts in any uniform next year. Not that I don’t love the guy… but he’s over the hill.

YES we can replace Curt. Are you kidding me??? Have you heard of Clay Buchholz?

YES I am worried about the injuries. With Manny out and Drew hurting (“ouch my foot”) I think the Sox out field offense leaves much to be desired.

NO I don’t think it’s an unfixable issue. The September call ups feature Brandon Moss and Jacoby Ellsbury who are more than capable to fill the outfield corners. Also, waiver pickup Bobby Kielty is a stud… who knew?

YES I think that Lowell is going to stay this hot, Papi is back for real and Lugo has turned a corner. I also think Youk is in a small slump (and is breaking free) and Pedroia is the Rookie of the Year. No question.

And YES I have finally moved to Boston from Brooklyn (via a month in Western Mass). The support I’ve gotten here is fantastic and I hope to keep it going for many a week (into late October at least)! GO SOX