Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Game 140: Big Blue Squander

Final Score: Boston Red Sox 4, Toronto Blue Jays 6

If that didn’t just bite all kinds of ass then I don’t know what does. The Red Sox have gotten into the habit of leaving thousands of men on base to waste away like the exposed corpse rotting in my basement (please send Febreze).

I don’t even want to talk about this steaming pile of squander. I mean the bases loaded disaster in the 8th made me want to puke shards of glass as a pick me up. And for God’s sake SOMEBODY learn how to bunt!! Coco got it right on his second try… but Ellsbury and Cora looked like spastic 9 year olds. Just freaking ugly.

On the pitching side, Curt looked fine until Toronto nibbled away in the 5th to the tune of “single SINGLE single SINGLE single….ahhhhhhhhh”. Yeah, it’s kinda hard to dance to. So with the lead (thanks to a big Tek homer) the Sox go into the 8th with Delcarmen and all kinds of optimism. It was unfounded. Glaus quickly ties up the game with a monster shot.

Then it got painful. I have been inundated with IMs, emails and verbal complaints (from DC in the chair next to me) that Okajima is WAY over used and should be shut down for a week or two. But who else do we have?? Paps just pitched 3 days in a row, Gagne is hurt and Timlin scares the crap out of me. Oki is all we got… tired or not! That was my de-facto response to all those critics saying Francona is running him into the ground… he isn’t tired at all!


FINE… I can’t be right all the time! Sonava’bitch.